Cosmetic Dentistry in Pulaski

If the health of your smile is what you need, but you’re interested in aesthetic improvements, Cynthia M. Southern, DDS offers an array of cosmetic solutions. Whether you’re looking to brighten your smile or disguise imperfections, we can provide you with high-quality cosmetic treatments that will improve your sense of self. 

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Cosmetic Solutions

We offer a variety of quality cosmetic dental solutions at our office, including:

  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Implant Restorations
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening with Zoom!®

Teeth whitening with Zoom offers patients with extrinsically stained teeth a chance to improve the shade of their smile while preserving its natural appearance. This in-office treatment is safe and comfortable, and is recommended for patients in need of other cosmetic work. With a uniform shade of teeth, matching the color of restorations to your smile will be made easier and ensure the success of your cosmetic treatment.

We also provide Invisalign® clear braces for patients who need a straighter smile but desire discreet treatment. Invisalign offers adults and teens alike an effective alternative to traditional braces, which may not meet the aesthetic preferences of some patients. These clear braces allow you more freedom as well, as they can be removed before meals and before brushing and flossing.

Veneers offer a convenient fix for patients with undersized, discolored, or otherwise undesirable teeth. These thin shells are permanently bonded to the original teeth. They are designed to match the rest of your smile and do not require the same degree of alteration as crowns.

Restorative Options

Our restorations are made with porcelain when applicable to resemble natural teeth. To craft our restorations, we use the state-of-the-art E4D system, which delivers crowns, veneers, and other dental prosthetics on the same day of the appointment. Whereas the design and manufacture of traditional crowns may need two appointments, the E4D system mills restorations within an hour. 

Dental implants preserve the health, appearance, and bite functionality of patients who have lost their teeth. In addition to restoring dental implants with crowns and the like, Dr. Southern also works with a trusted oral surgeon to place dental implants. Implants serve as effective replacements for the roots of your teeth, which provide stability to your smile.

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If you’re not satisfied with the aesthetics of your teeth and would like to pursue cosmetic measures, Dr. Southern can help you smile confidently again with a variety of helpful solutions. Contact our office in Pulaski today to schedule an appointment and find out which cosmetic solution best serves your smile!


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