Epic X Diode Laser

The Epic X diode
laser system is a surgical and therapeutic device at the cutting edge of
technology, designed for a wide variety of oral soft tissue procedures and
dental whitening, as well as for use in providing temporary relief of minor
pain. The Epic X utilizes a solid state diode as a semiconductor source
for invisible infrared radiation. the energy is delivered to the treatment
site via a flexible fiber connected at one end to the laser source and the
other end to the hand piece. Various types of single use, disposable tips
are designed and optimized for different applications. The device is
activated by means of a wireless footswitch.
We currently use the Epic X for TMJ / TMD pain and discomfort, for bacteria
decontamination in periodontal pockets and diseased tissue, for apthous
ulcers and fever blister destruction, and it can be used for desensitizing
sensitive teeth.
We are very hopeful in the long term benefits that studies show are
possible with laser use and we are excited to share this cutting edge tool
with our clients.